Professional headshots on location

March 1, 2024
Staff headshot on location

When people contact Berks Headshots for professional team headshots, they often want us to come to their location. Sometimes it’s just a matter of making things more convenient for their employees. Sometimes it’s because they have an event that all the employees, even the remote workers, will already be attending. Technician headshots done at the office in the morning before everyone leaves mean minimal loss of productivity for those technicians (which means happier customers!).

But people are often unsure if they have a space that will work for headshots at their location. Maybe because they don’t have a big blank wall. Maybe the office lighting doesn’t seem very flattering.

The truth is, pretty much any space will work! We have our own headshot studio space, but we also have a professional studio setup to bring with us on location!

We have done shot headshots for teams in conference rooms and office reception areas. But we’ve also used basement garages and rooms under construction! We can do this because we bring professional lighting and reflectors, backgrounds, and of course all our camera gear.

We love shooting professional headshots on location. We can get a feel for the company’s brand in their own space, which can help us more accurately capture photos that match the company vibe. Also, people are often more at ease in their familiar environment. That can be helpful in what is often felt to be an uncomfortable situation: getting in front of a camera.

Professional staff headshots with Berks Headshots mobile studio set up in a conference room.
Professional staff headshots with Berks Headshots mobile studio set up in a conference room.

We also make it easy for everyone to select their headshot immediately. Each person reviews the photos from their shoot and picks the headshot they like best, while the rest of the shoot is still going. Quick and easy!

If you’re looking for professional headshots but dread the hassle of getting everyone together, getting to the studio, making up for lost work time later, look no further. Berks Headshots has you covered!

Grid of headshots of employees at a Wyomissing, PA company, taken on location.

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