Increase Your Impact with More than One Headshot

March 18, 2022
Increase your impact with multiple headshots

You deserve an online presence that is genuine and impactful

Online presence is your first meeting with many people, whether it is through social media, your business’s website, or being featured in a web publication or blog post. Presenting yourself authentically and consistently is important. But it can be difficult to convey all the nuances of a complex human in only one photo, even when limited to the characteristics that are important to your business.

Having more than one headshot gives you an opportunity to express more of the real you

Rather than having one headshot represent her, Karen uses two on the About page on her website. Both messages are important. She is a focused, intelligent teacher, and she is also an approachable and friendly human.

Sharing more than one headshot allows people to get a better sense of who she is and to feel like they are getting to know her as they read through her bio.

Karen uses more than one headshot to express the nuances of her personal brand.

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Click the image below to see Karen’s headshots in use and to learn more about her business Sybil Digital Learning:

Screenshot of Karen's headshot in use on her website.

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