Easy Update for this Reading, PA, Company Photo

December 23, 2022
Staff photo update for this Reading, PA, financial company.

Company Photo Update

One of our clients, a financial advisory firm, went through some personnel changes recently and needed to update the photos on their website.

We shot their original company photo on location in their office. We planned the layout and poses, and photographed each person individually, then combined the individual images to create their team photo.

WBS's original staff photo.
WBS’s original team photo had five members.

The previous photo was recent enough that not all team members needed an update, so the three team members that needed photos came into the Berks Headshots studio one morning. We went through the same process as before, photographing each individual in their planned pose.

Team members are photographed individually, then added to the comany photo.
Two new members joined the team, one wanted an updated photo, and one of the team members in the previous photo was no longer at the company.

Then, through the magic of technology, we combined the existing photos of the individuals still with the team, the one updated headshot, and the new team member photos to create a cohesive, natural-looking photo of the current team. Since only those added to the photo had to be there, the disruption to the office routine was minimal, and their updated photo was ready to use within a few days.

Reading PA company photo update for this financial advisory team.
We combined the new photos with the existing team to update their company photo.

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