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Studio Location

3908 Irish Creek Rd.
Bernville, PA 19506

Wardrobe Guidelines

Requirements for Omega Systems

✔ Style:
Professional, but not stuffy. You can leave your tie at home! Men, please wear a button-down shirt with a jacket.

✔ Colors:
Grays, Blues, Whites, Omega Systems Fuschia (Note: Jewelry in a Fuschia color makes a great accent)

🚫 What not to wear:
Your photo will be against a light gray background. Please do not wear a plain light gray shirt so that you stand out.

Please do not wear warm colors such as: brown, yellow, orange, or red because they will clash with Omega Systems Branding Colors.

How to Schedule

Ready to get your session on the calendar?

Please complete all steps on the booking calendar to schedule your session.

We will look forward to seeing you soon! please contact Jennifer if you have any questions about booking your session: [email protected]

Looking Good Berks County!

You are sure to build your “know, like, and trust” factor with professional, authentic photos of the people behind what you do. Here are some examples of local businesses in Berks County & beyond using headshots to personalize their brand experience.

Berks County business woman Melissa Confalone

Melissa Confalone

Fraser Advanced Information Systems | West Reading, PA


Jahaad Baker

RE/MAX | Reading, PA

Headshot of counselor on gray background

Reni Weixler

Weixler Consulting | Myerstown, PA


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