Headshot photographer near Reading in Berks County PA

Headshot & Makeup Event

at the Berks Headshots Studio in Leesport, PA

MAY 17


a $315 value!

  • Camera-ready makeup touchups by a pro makeup artist 
  • 20-minute headshot session
  • Immediate image selection
  • One completely retouched digital image
  • Special event package pricing on additional images



Uplifting & Fun!

“The assistance I received with makeup from Maleeva, the shots taken by Jennifer, and the choices made easier by Crystal, gave me beautiful photos of myself. I believe the experience made me look pretty in pictures! The whole event was uplifting and special. I have not had a better time getting my photograph taken.”

Ruth Darling


Here’s What to Expect at the Event


Pampering & Prep Time

You’ll start off by getting camera-ready makeup touch-ups by a professional makeup artist who is a pro at makeup for photos.



Next comes your photo session. Our lead photographer, Jennifer, will guide you throughout with posing guidance and expression coaching.


perfected images

Immediately after we take the photos, Rachael will help you select the image included with your session and any others you want to purchase. They will be fully retouched and ready for download within a week!

Professional headshot business women Berks County

Our special events are perfect for anyone who needs a great headshot fast, without breaking the bank. It’s the perfect opportunity to add a look to your portfolio, update your LinkedIn photo, or get your first headshot. You won’t believe what you can get in one small session.


So what do you get for your $190? You start out with pro makeup touch-ups to get yourself completely camera-ready and confident. You get a 20-minute headshot session with Jennifer Stork, head photographer at Berks Headshots. At the end of your session, you will get to see your headshots instantly and select your favorite image to be retouched and delivered to you in high resolution. You will also have the option to purchase additional retouched images for $65 each, or you can get an event special package of images—available on the event day only.


Booking is now live!

Limited openings—get your spot now!

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