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Are You Ready?

So you grabbed one of our coveted headshot + makeup event slots? Fantastic! There are a few things you need to know because things run a little bit different compared to our regular sessions. Make sure to read everything on this page so that you are prepared to get the most out of your spot.

Where does the shoot take place?

Your full session experience takes place in our Berks Headshots studio. Our studio is located at 5411 Pottsville Pike, Leesport, PA 19533

How long should I expect to be at the studio?

60-90 Minutes

Your photo session is 20 minutes, but remember, that is only part of the event! Your time slot starts with makeup touchups, then the photo session, and then you will be guided through selecting your images. Be sure to leave enough time in your schedule so that you don’t feel rushed!

What comes with my session?

Included with your headshot event session, you get makeup touchups, a 20-minute photoshoot, guided image selection, and a fully retouched digital image. Whether you want to get something more dramatic or more commercial, have a specific idea of how you are going to use your headshots before you come in and you will get the most out of it. After the session, you will immediately see and select your favorite image to be retouched and delivered to you within one week. At that time you will also have the opportunity to purchase additional retouched images at $65 per image, or in special event packages available on the event day only. We don’t offer online galleries for event sessions, so be ready to choose your images on the day of your session.

What about makeup details?

Come with your makeup done as you would wear it on an average day, and Roxy will take it to the next level. She is a professional makeup artist with years of experience, and she knows how to perfect your look so it will look great on camera. She will have a full professional kit to touch up skin and enhance makeup for an on-camera look you’ll love.

When/how do I pay the remaining $50 due for my package?

The remaining $50 due goes directly to the makeup artist and will be payable to her at the time of your appointment. She takes cash or Venmo. There is no sales tax for her service, so it will be an even $50.

What do I wear?
  • Steer clear of pure white tops. The eye is always drawn to the brightest thing in the image. For your headshot, we want that to be your face.
  • Choose colors that complement your natural coloring. Muted, solid colors are typically best, very bright or neon colors can reflect onto your skin.
  • Avoid anything with busy patterns or big logos. It’s all about your face, your expression, not the clothes.
  • Bring something extra to grab a quick second look. Another layer, a cool jacket, a pair of glasses, something you can throw on real quick and add a little zing to your shot.
  • Make sure you come wearing the clothes you will be photographed in. There won’t be time to sort through loads of selections. Bring one backup top if you are having trouble deciding.
  • Your bottom half will not be in most of the photos, but we might zoom out enough for a couple to show your waist, so be mindful of that when choosing your outfit.
  • Jewelry can complement your outfit. Be sure to consider what pieces coordinate with your outfit, without being so loud as to distract from your face.
  • If you are unsure, email us a photo of you in what you plan to wear to [email protected]; we will be happy to give you some guidance.
  • Make sure your clothes are clean and pressed. We don’t retouch wrinkles in clothing, so be sure to have your outfit prepared.
What are my background options?

We have several options for solid, modern backgrounds in gray and white. We create a warmer or cooler tone based on your look or your preference. 

What else do I need to be ready?

If you have gone through all these questions, you should be pretty much ready to go. Here are a few last-minute things to remember before your session:

  • Plan to arrive ten minutes early. If you are late, you will probably lose your spot. There are no refunds and no rescheduling if you are late. Be on time, be prepared and it will be awesome.
  • Don’t get your hair cut within 48 hours of the shoot. Give your noggin a couple of days to recover from your new “do” before you put that bad boy on camera.
  • Don’t make any drastic changes to your appearance right before the session. You are going to be setting yourself up for disappointment. 
  • Get a good night’s rest before the session and avoid drinking alcohol or eating salty foods for 24-48 hours ahead of time. This will help you avoid looking puffy and blotchy. Rest, drink lots of water, and come ready to knock it out of the park.
  • If you have any questions about your session or need any advice or help leading up to the date, email [email protected]; we are here for you!

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